Concussion Therapy and Rehabilitation

Every day, we are learning more and more about how the brain functions. As Chiropractic Neurologist’s, we keep up on the cutting edge Neuroscience that is changing and shaping our new understanding of the brain. Treating TBI or concussed patients is changing at a rapid rate as well, so if you are not continually learning you are falling behind. If your concussion specialist isn’t recommending certain nutritional supplements or rehabilitative eye exercises you might want to get a second¬†opinion. In order for Dr. McNamara to maintain his Diplomate in Neurology, he must have a minimum of 30 credit hours per year in neurological studies. Dr. McNamara utilizes the Impact neurocognitive post-concussion test in assessing¬†and rehabilitating his concussion patients as well as his 1,000’s of hours of Neurological studies from the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies.