This post is way overdue, but it pertains to this article which reminded me I really needed to share our story, in case others
need Dr. McNamara’s expertise. This is actually what occurred early in 2012 when my son was kicked in the head during a
karate practice and suffered a concussion and blindness (20/4000+ at onset) in one eye. He is now perfectly finefour
later, and I attribute much of that healing to Dr. McNamara’s care and attention. This was the result of our last exam with the
eye specialist back in late 2013″
Just wanted to share with you the results of Joshua’s latest retinal exam. He now has 20/20 in
his injured eye (it was 20/30 prior to the kick!) and the retinal specialist was truly amazed; then he asked what he had been
doing and after hearing our response he was beyond amazed! Josh told him that you were doing light stimulation and
“balancing tricks” and that over time his vision returned. The last time Josh saw this doctor a year ago, he had 20/50 in his left
eye and the doctor was quite impressed and figured that would be as good as it got and that was close to a miracle. His visit
this week blew his mind! He said that results like that just don’t happen and he kept pondering over the light stimulationI
he will be doing some research in the near future! Thank you again for all that you have done to make this miracle a reality.”
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can’t seem to get it to post straight to your page!)
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Car Accident Injury Care

A Car Accident can be a traumatic experience and can affect someone emotionally or physically.  Back injuries, Whiplash, concussions, muscle strains and other forms of physical damage can possibly leave you unable to function well on a regular day to day basis. If you have experienced a car accident injury, or if you’re concerned about having problems after an incident that hasn’t been detected yet, you definitely need an immediate care and treatment. At McNamara Chiropractic we can help diagnose and can naturally treat, offer non-surgical relief for people who have had a car accident.

Car accident injury - best chiropractors

Understanding Your Car Accident Injury

If you’re having pain, stiffness, neuropathy or other indications after a car accident, you must have been wondering what is wrong. A car accident injury can affect someone physically even when the vehicle is only moving as slowly as 5mph at the time of impact. The impact that hit your body may cause a serious shock to the spinal section, possible dislocate your vertebral joints and may permit herniated discs to apply pressure to spinal nerve roots. At the point when this sort of injury afflicts the lumbar region, the subsequent sciatic nerve impingement can cause lower back pain, leg pain and numbness in the feet.


A shock experienced in the cervical spine can bring a huge number of issues. If your head experienced hard impact backward and forward, chances are you may end up with having whiplash. Whiplash can include torn muscles in the neck, cervical spinal misalignment and pinched cervical nerve roots; the last can create manifestations like sciatica in the arms and hands. The whipping movement can as well cause a concussion as the brain strikes the inside of the skull.

Natural Treatment Options from Our Chiropractor

Dr. McNamara urges you to get a spinal evaluation after a car accident. You’ll definitely be in good hands when you set up an appointment with us and get evaluated as soon as possible. Dr. McNamara is a one of only 700 Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists in the World.  He has extensive training in Concussion Rehabilitation, Nutrition and over 2 1/2 years of on hands training in personal injury clinics. He is an active Firefighter with Forsyth County with over 25 years of experience in EMS and Fire Suppression. He was also trained as EMT-Basic. After our Dr. McNamara evaluates your injury he may recommend natural treatment methods such as:

  • Spinal adjustments to realign your spine, relieve joint stiffness and end nerve impingement

  • Massage treatment to decrease delicate tissue pain and swelling while at the same time quickening the recovery process

  •  Appropriate stretches and remedial exercises to help you mend up from the impacts of whiplash, sciatica and other injuries with an optimal range of motion.
  • Therapeutic modalities such as EMS, Cold laser, ultrasound, as well as cervical and lumbar traction
  • Therapeutic eye exercises for brain rehabilitation