The Importance of Good Nutrition

Are good nutrition and health related? Is healthy eating important? Of course, they are! 


The foods we eat provide the energy our body needs to function. Just like we need to put fuel in our car or recharge your cell phone battery, your body needs to be fed energy-providing foods every day.
good nutrition food

Vitamins and Minerals are also essential to good health.

Dr. McNamara has over 100 hours of Nutritional Neurochemistry training from the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies on top of the hundreds of hours he had in Chiropractic school. You may hear and see other practitioners and health food stores claiming to be nutritional experts when they have only had a few hours of nutritional studies. Whatever we have in our office has been tried by Dr. McNamara or someone in his family. He wouldn’t recommend any vitamin or supplement that he wouldn’t give to himself or to his family. Dr. McNamara’s first office was in a nutrition store where he learned the sales people only knew what was in the literature the vitamin companies gave them. Nothing more and nothing less! McNamara Chiropractic only uses the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements in the World. It’s not only the supplements that you are buying but the knowledge behind them.

Don’t leave your health in the hands of a store manager with little or no nutritional education.

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